About Our Company


It’s frustrating when your car doesn’t start early in the morning. You have to drive your kids to school and then go to work. Vehicles have become important machines that we depend on throughout our day. Getting to point A to point B shouldn’t be scary when you’re driving a car that is ready to break down. Gallagher’s Towing & Recovery provides excellent towing services to assist you when your car gives up.

emergency towing services. If you commute a lot in Alexander, ND, we help our customers get to their destination or a car shop immediately.

If your car is stuck on your driveway, we will help you move it to your automotive repair shop. If you got in an accident, we will drive to the site and move it at its proper place. If you’re car stalled in the middle of the freeway, we provide roadside assistance to fix the problem right there and then. A common issue people run into is an auto lockout. Many drivers lock their keys in the car. We can come to your location and fetch them for you without harming your vehicle.

Gallagher’s Towing & Recovery will be glad to provide you with the best car towing services. Give us a ring to see if our flat bed tow truck serves your location.